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Storage Tips and Suggestions

If you’ve never rented a storage unit before, here are some suggestions to help make the process go smoothly.

  1. Consider how frequently you will need to access your storage unit contents. If often, choose a convenient location.

  2. Visit the storage unit in advance and ask questions. The facility manager may have insights on what size unit you need. Check our Size and Fit Chart for a guide.

  3. Rent only the size you need. Don’t pay for unneeded space.

  4. Make sure the storage unit meets your needs. Ask about accessibility (business hours or 24-hour), security cameras, climate control and onsite assistance.

  5. Read the lease or agreement before signing anything. Be aware of policies on moving out, rent payment and other details.

Packing and Storing Tips

  1. Purchase a secure lock and self-storage insurance, unless you know your homeowners or renters insurance will cover loss or damage.

  2. Boxes that are uniform size are easier to stack

  3. Use bubble wrap on breakable items and pack smaller items in boxes.

  4. Be sure to label all boxes clearly

  5. Spray wood furniture with furniture spray to protect during storage

  6. Leave walkways between boxes so you can access items toward the rear.

  7. Fill boxes to the top, even if you have to use padding. Half empty boxes can easily collapse if weight is stacked on top of them.

  8. Treat metal items with rust protector to prevent rust damage.

  9. Humidity can cause warpage in wood and mildew can grow on items. Leave some space between your items and the unit’s walls to allow air circulation.

  10. Leave the door open on a refrigerator and defrost freezers before storing.

  11. Use plywood or pallets to keep your belongings off the floor.

  12. Cover items with tarps, sheets or light blankets to protect them.

  13. Check on your storage unit monthly.

  14. Place more frequently used items near the front of the unit.


Things to Avoid

  1. Do Not pack boxes that are too heavy to carry

  2. Do Not use plastic to cover your items as it can retain moisture.

  3. Do Not store food items or perishables in your unit

  4. Do Not use printed newspapers to wrap items. It can transfer ink to your belongings.

  5. Do Not store vacuum cleaners with the bag in.

  6. Do Not store anything combustible, such as gas, oil, paint or chemicals, in your unit.

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